Do You Know Your Numbers?

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Peter F. Drucker
( 1909 - 2005 )

Now You Can Manage Your Entire Amazon Operation With This

Tracking Spreadsheet.
Available for a one-time fee of $170.

Stop paying $49 every month for accounting software. Quickly and easily create income statements, track consignment sales, analyze your
profits by sales rank, measure your Cost of Goods Sold, view your return rates, measure your inventory turn rates, and so much more.

Purchase Now And Receive All Future Updates For Free!

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Spreadsheet Solutions


Builds Inventory Loader Files And Shipping Plans For You.

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CREATES Precise Conditon Notes To Help Your Listings Stand Out From The Crowd.

$19 one-time fee
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Third Party Software


Web-based software
Works on any browser
Remote workers supported
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$34 per month
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Tracking Spreadsheet - know your Amazon data

Pay a one-time fee to track all your Amazon sales metrics!  Includes unlimited updates.  Track sales per source, analyze your profits by sales rank, create income & cashflow statements, view your inventory turn rates, and track consignment sales.

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  • You'll get an Excel file:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Excel 2007 or later. It’ll work with both Mac and PC versions of Excel.
Not at all! It’s extremely easy to get started – watch this Quick Start Guide to learn more.
You can track as many items as you’d like. The spreadsheet is currently set up to track 20,000 items, but you can easily extend the formulas to track more items. Watch this video to learn how to extend your spreadsheet. You may notice that Excel starts to slow down if you have 250,000 or more items that you’re tracking. This would be a great “problem” to have!
Of course! Watch this video that shows how to convert your data from InventoryLab’s format so it will work with this Tracking Spreadsheet. You can download the InventoryLab Data Converter 5000 Spreadsheet here. You can list books (and other items) quickly with the included Listing Spreadsheet, but you won’t be able to print labels one at a time during the listing process. If you’re willing to adjust to a new workflow you can start saving $500-600 a year in accounting software costs!
If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, I’ll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days. No questions asked!

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