March 2, 2018
by Caleb Roth

A Closer Look at Amazon’s New FBA Storage Fees (March 2018)

On March 1, 2018, Amazon announced new FBA Storage Fees that will be implemented over the next few months.  You can read the entire announcement here:  (sign-in to your Seller Central Account is required) Here are the highlights (or … Continue reading


February 22, 2018
by Caleb Roth

Monitor these 3 key metrics to grow your Amazon FBA book business

If you’re looking to grow your Amazon book business this year, there are three metrics that you should measure and manage on a weekly basis.  Can you guess what they are?  I’ll give you a hint – none of them … Continue reading


October 19, 2017
by Caleb Roth

Improve your bottom line by optimizing your FBA shipments

In business, there are only two fundamental ways to improve your bottom line:  (1) Sell more, or (2) Spend less. Regardless of where you are in your business journey – whether you’re just starting out, are scaling up, or are … Continue reading


July 31, 2017
by Caleb Roth

The Truth about LTSF (Long-Term Storage Fees)

As FBA booksellers, we’ve been pretty spoiled for the past few years.  We were granted LTSF exemptions to sell one of each unique book that we had in stock, which meant we could pay roughly two cents each month for … Continue reading


June 21, 2017
by Caleb Roth

The Future of “Popular Textbooks”

The interwebs are going crazy this week in the bookselling world.  If you’re in at least one Facebook group, you know what I’m talking about. Last month it was CDs. Last week it was Nike. This week, it’s textbooks. Is … Continue reading

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January 30, 2017
by Caleb Roth

The Book Market Monitor – 2017 Edition

**last updated December 30, 2017** February update:  The overall supply of used books dropped dramatically in February as existing sellers shed nearly a third of their existing inventory and some sellers quit altogether.   For used books with a sales rank under 1 million, … Continue reading