1. Great read, just getting ready to take the plunge. Got my bluetooth scanner in today, want to start with Scout IQ, then Eflip, Accelerlist then the inventory spreadsheet. Is there a package deal for these software packages or get them individually? Trying to be like a sponge and soak up all the good information I’ve been reading and watching.

    • Congrats on jumping in! There isn’t a package deal, but I’m always open to haggling. Drop me an email! You can also save $10/month off your first year of AccelerList with this link: bit.ly/ScoutIQ_AccelerList.

  2. Thank you for this information. I have been selling books for a few years, took a break and getting back into it. This is a great refresher course for what I learned in the beginning and what I might have missed when I went through the startup process initially.

  3. I have a question reading above the information provided I am trying to sell my personal books for cash. I have series but when researching to sell them they’re not worth anything but $2.00 some are a mixture of paper back and Hardcover will selling them on Amazon be worth it. I am interested in selling books in the future but for now need to get rid of my books for cash. Any information will be appreciated.

    • Hey Elizabeth – when you say they’re worth $2, is that a list price or an expected profit? The majority of books aren’t worth selling on Amazon due to poor sales ranks or low prices, but 5-10% are typically worth listing. Be sure to research rank and Amazon’s fees before jumping in, so you can make good decisions.

  4. This was a perfect refresher for me, as I’m re-starting after a year of inactivity. I always appreciate the information and commentary I get from The Bookflipper. Looking forward to your future posts in the “Getting Started ” series.

    I tried to sign up for the whole series, but did not get a confirmation – maybe I had a typo in my email. I’d like to confirm my desire to be on your list for this series.

    Many thanks to you and Guusje!

  5. Thank you for focusing on people (like me) who are just getting started. The world of selling on Amazon is pretty overwhelming for some – okay maybe it’s just me 😉
    I wonder if you would consider a future post aimed at those of us in Canada who are selling on .ca -?

  6. Hi! I found your site on Google and am loving it. Lots of great info. I’m really considering getting into selling books on Amazon but I have a question. Is it still profitable to start a business selling used books on Amazon? Or is there too much competition already to get started?

  7. Dear Caleb,

    I have a question for you and I hope you can help. How can one source used books to sell on Amazon US if one is not based in the US?

    Having read your articles, the book flipping business greatly appeals to me but I am not based in the US. I will be grateful if you would let me know if it is possible to sell in the US though I am not based there and how I can go about it.

    Thank you.


    Thank you


  8. Is this blog still alive? And update seem way past due here.

  9. Do I have to have a PRO account to use Scoutiq?

  10. Can I do this while leaving in the UK?

  11. When you mention changing from SSN to EIN at a later date, does Amazon allow you to change this in the original account? Or do you have to create a new seller account once you decide to change from SSN to EIN? Thanks!

  12. How is it that Amazon does not get upset though if you buy the book cheap from Amazon and then after you have a few books saved up at home to turn around and send them to your FBA account and resell them? I thought it was not allowed to buy from Amazon and then resell to Amazon?? I need to understand thanks because I want to get into Amazon FBA

  13. Hey Caleb. I’ve been listening to the Reezy Resells podcast a lot and I’m wanting to try out selling on Amazon. I received some books for free and I scanned them using the Amazon seller app. I’ll use one specific one as an example. I scanned it and it said I could sell it for roughly 10.99 prime, but the calculator built into the app told me I would only profit like 60 cents after Amazon fees. Is this accurate? Should I not be using the calculator in the seller app? Please help me

    • That’s probably accurate, depending on the weight of the item. Check out a dedicated scouting app like ScoutIQ to use their calculator on the fly, or pull up the FBA Calculator online to double check if need be.

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