1. Great read, just getting ready to take the plunge. Got my bluetooth scanner in today, want to start with Scout IQ, then Eflip, Accelerlist then the inventory spreadsheet. Is there a package deal for these software packages or get them individually? Trying to be like a sponge and soak up all the good information I’ve been reading and watching.

    • Congrats on jumping in! There isn’t a package deal, but I’m always open to haggling. Drop me an email! You can also save $10/month off your first year of AccelerList with this link: bit.ly/ScoutIQ_AccelerList.

  2. Thank you for this information. I have been selling books for a few years, took a break and getting back into it. This is a great refresher course for what I learned in the beginning and what I might have missed when I went through the startup process initially.

  3. I have a question reading above the information provided I am trying to sell my personal books for cash. I have series but when researching to sell them they’re not worth anything but $2.00 some are a mixture of paper back and Hardcover will selling them on Amazon be worth it. I am interested in selling books in the future but for now need to get rid of my books for cash. Any information will be appreciated.

    • Hey Elizabeth – when you say they’re worth $2, is that a list price or an expected profit? The majority of books aren’t worth selling on Amazon due to poor sales ranks or low prices, but 5-10% are typically worth listing. Be sure to research rank and Amazon’s fees before jumping in, so you can make good decisions.

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